Our Commitment; Accountability, Empowerment and Client Collaboration

We are YOUR advocate for programmatic training excellence!™

With expertise and user friendliness, DPW trains general users, systems administrators and specialists; practitioners who use the systems extensively. We have developed innovative training courses to support the transition to current and future agency proprietary software.

DPW employs classroom instruction, self-directed learning, tutorials, workbooks, Internet or intranet-based training and other alternative learning methods that include distance learning to reach a global base of employees with a simple touch of the finger. Our staff has developed Computer Based Training (CBT) CD-ROMs which are currently used by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) employees to train their fellow employees in missions overseas.

The evolution of web-based training demands has continued and DPW developed an extensive web-based training curriculum and a comprehensive solution for HR-ROCs, the new automated request tracking system. In addition, we prepared web-based training for the Phoenix Accruals System, Phoenix Credit Card System, GLAAS and EEO Office. All of these training tools have allowed the Agency to roll out global training by:

  • Minimizing travel for overseas training and increasing cost-efficiency;

  • Exponentially increasing the number of people to be trained in a shorter timeframe;

  • Updating training materials as policies are developed;

  • Making training just-in-time which directly resulted in the increase of the users’ retention span and increase the overall success of project implementation.

We are your tireless training advocate! DPW views its training projects as a partnership committed to the progressive outlined goals from commencement through to completion. The DPW training team functions as a seamless part of the training equation and we will work tirelessly to deliver high quality training that is second to none. We will go the extra mile to ensure that the parameters are synchronized and efficient; seamlessly.

DPW’s Customizable Services include:

  • Assessment of your organization’s training needs.

  • Market and distribute training schedules.

  • End User & “Train the Trainer” Training courses.

  • Maintenance of employee database and submission of weekly reports.

  • Desk-side support to end users.

  • Training & development research; learning & motivation theory and new training methods.

  • Workflow sessions with management to streamline and increase efficiency.

  • Training plans for documentation and resources.

  • Manage and operate your training facility.

  • Total registration and scheduling services.

  • Post-partum training follow-up and educational management systems.

At DPW we work relentlessly to elevate our track record of successful and progressive implementation and collaboration and we will bring our mandate of team spirit, cohesiveness and integrity to the work. We align with your vision and leave no stone unturned to accomplish and service your company’s goals and deliver winning results; CLIENT ADVOCACY unmatched!